Tushar Joag


UNICELL is a project for making interventions in the city to highlight the immediate issues in a satirical way

Venice of the east

A Mumbai makeover project costing Rs. 366,000 million was proposed in 2004. Bombay was to be made into a world class city modeled on the lines of Singapore or Shanghai. For this the Bombay Municipal Corporation and the Maharashtra Government crush 90,000 shanties from Dec 2004 to April 2005. Rather than Singapore or Shanghai, Unicell proposed making Bombay into the ‘Venice of the east’. Unicell distributed eviction demolition notices to middle and upper middle class localities across Bombay to facilitate building of canals.

Riding Rocinante Bombay to Shanghai via Sardar Sarovar and the Three Gorges Dam

A journey was undertaken from Bombay to Shanghai on a motorcycle meeting on the way people affected by mega projects. The events were blogged daily. The project ended in an installation wherein the bike was dismantled and submerged in Shanghai

Bombay Dowry

Bombay Dowry 

The intervention was a take on the historical joke that Bombay was ‘gifted’ by the Portuguese as dowry to Charles II of England when he got married to Catherine de Braganza. Today the state government is gifting away land in Bombay to the developers in much the same way

Looking for Flora

Flora Fountain a landmark of Bombay was replicated to scale minus the statue of Flora and installed at various places in the city.