Electronic Disturbance Theater

EDT is a small group of cyber activists and artists engaged in a form of computerized resistance, known for their electronic actions in support of the Zapatista movement in Mexico. Through its Floodnet device the EDT apply the tactics of trespass and blockade from earlier social movements to a form of electronic hacktivism that creates virtual blockades and virtual sit-ins to attack oppressors’ websites including the Pentagon, the White House, Mexican Stock Exchange and the office of Mexico’s president.

On show in the exhibition is a working URL of EDT’s more recent attack on the Iranian Government in support of an Iranian Feminist group whose journal was shut down and a number of them jailed.

EDT’s latest invention is the Transborder Immigrant Tool that hacks cheap GPS mobile-phones to install a device that helps Mexican immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Using a simple compass like device system the phone provides spoken poetry, images and other information, leading immigrants to water left by Border Angels, know distances from highways, find help centers or locate border patrols.