Tatzu Nishi


Ascending Descending,  

Bedford Square, London, 23-25th May 2013

A rota of men took turns to dig dirt from a deep hole, shovelling it on to a series of conveyor belts that return the material to the same hole. 

From early morning to late at night the scene continues.


The work on the street is not an artwork at the time it is installed. To passers-by it appears as one of the many happenings in their daily life. They can react to the work in their own way, completely free from any kind of authority or the mediation of the curator. Each individual is free to decide if what they encounter has value or not: whether it is art or rubbish. Some may dismiss it as just an obstruction in their way, whilst others may be emotionally moved without knowing why. This kind of raw reaction is generated entirely through people being free to directly approach the work.  In this type of practice art begins to engage with people.




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