Wermke & Leinkauf

We investigate the boundaries of public space in urban environment through different kinds of interventions and performances. We temporarily override limitations and constraints without permission or invitation. Our aim is to question common standards and to show the beauty beyond these standards. This ends up in video installations from single-screen to multi-screen with mixed media including photos or slides. We create specific installations for the architecture in which we exhibit.



3-channel-Audio/Videoinstallation, 17min loop.  Berlin 2008

When a thought turns into reality, when conceived images start to exist, this is when fiction becomes reality. A handcar on the tracks of the metropolis. Infinite, without any destination. „In Between“ tells no story but a condition. It is a declaration of love for the moment into a sublime reality

all stills and images are taken by Mischa Leinkauf

Wermke & Leinkauf images © Wermke/ Leinkauf