Cultural Hijack



Live was & is still running throughout this show, as a theme and a challenge.

The exhibition Cultural Hijack ran at the Architects Associations Galleries in Bedford Square, London, between 25th April and 25th May 2013. The live programme associated with the show continues to grow. The latest highlight is the work Jerkin the Gherkin ( see below).  Also live right now is Supply and Demand which mocks the auctioning of Banksy's Slave Labour by mass producing identical copies of the artwork and freely distributing them outside the Poundland where Slave Labour was originally made and subsequently removed. Upcoming works include Peter Kennard’s G8 protest posters which we invite you to download and distribute throughout the UK and especially in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, epi-centre of the next G8 meeting in June 2013.

The artists contributing to the Live-programme so far are:

Tushar JoagPaolo Cirio, Leah Borromeo, BGL, EPOS 257, International Peripatetic Sculptors Society, Upper Space, Peter McCaughey, Ben Parry, Peter Kennard, Space Hijackers, Laura Keeble, Tatzu Nishi, Allan Kaprow, Nina Edge, Voina, 

Cultural Hijack was co-curated by artists Ben Parry and Peter McCaughey. 

events below are in chronological order


Supply & Demand (replicas of ' Banksy's Slave Labour' distributed for free at random intervals outside Poundland, Whymark Avenue, Wood Green N226BH)

it has already made the news:

The Sun:


this is local London:

at the auction, BBC:



 Huffington Post:

 Interview with Peter Kennard on Sky News on how private sales of Banksy's work goes against the politics and ethos of street art

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Jerkin the Gherkin

(26.05.2013)  Allan Kaprow Transfer

Bedford Square, 11:30am - 4:30pm


(25.05.2013)  CONTRAvention

Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention, took place at RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects)

What might the tools, tactics and poetics of the interventionist artist offer the insurgent imagination of activism and social movements?

Do small acts of resistance and creative disruption, build muscle that encourages an appetite for real alternatives to neoliberal capitalism or do they end point and sate such an appetite?

And what of ‘commissioned resistance’, is it implicitly flawed, sponsored by the system it seeks to critique, or can it, despite its origins, have impact? These questions, and yours, will be picked over in the CONTRAvention.

Speakers included:  Gregory Sholette, Voina (Yana Sarna), John Jordan, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Space Hijackers, Ztohoven, David Pinder, Ben Parry, Peter McCaughey, Nina Edge, Barbara Steveni, Graham Jeffery, Gavin Grindon, Alana Jelinek, Tobias Klein


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Tushar Joag

A participatory action Lament for Sparrows took place on the 24th of May 2013 in Poona, India,
The sparrow a delicate bird affected by the electro-magnetic waves of the cell phones, is hardly seen in cities any more. The population of sparrows has been greatly reduced world over because of the extensive usage of cell phones.
People had the chirping of the sparrows downloaded on their cellphones. People stood, sat on benches, lawns, etc. scattered all over Saras Baug, a public garden in Poona. At a specified time (6.30 pm), the sound of the chirping was switched on by all. The chirping played for 5 minutes after which the people left their places and gathered at the band stand with the sound still playing. The symphony of the sparrows continued for 5 minutes. People switched of their cell phones and dispersed.



Research has proven that with the hightened usage of cell phones the sparrows have migrated away from cities:

Nina Edge

Habeas Corpus, Bedford Square, London, 24.05.2013






(24.05.2013)  Artist

(22.05.2013)  Ben Parry & Peter McCaughey

still knitting: Libby Lee & Alida Guest

(20.05.2013)  Voina

EPOS 257



Ben Parry & Peter McCaughey

(14.05.2013)  Ben Parry & Peter McCaughey

(13.05.13)  Voina

BBC Russia & The Moscow Times are reporting about the banner on Tower Bridge.

read all about it...

(12.05.13)  Voina

Voina Wanted,  Tower Bridge, London



(11.05.13)  IPSS

(08.05.13) Voina

VOINA WANTEDT, AA, Bedford Square, London


Day 8  (01.05.13 = Mayday)  Space Hijackers

Emergent Workers Party

The Space Hijackers held their May Day party in the courtyard of Google’s multi-million HQ, just off Tottenham Court Road, an event demanding a shutdown of the internet after business hours.  

Party goers celebrated with dancing and drumming as in days gone by, but with a maypole tangled with cables instead of the traditional May Day ribbons.  

These May Day celebrations also marked the establishment of the Emergent Service Workers Party.

see loads more photos here: Emergent Service Workers Party

read all about it:

http://www.vice.com / /

IPSS - International Peripatetic Sculptors Society

April 25 - May 25th

A series of walk- talk- intervene dérives around London

Walk 1 - Parliament Square to Tower Hill
Date - International Workers Day 6th May
Image title - The ‘Burghers of Calais’ Revisited

Graham Jeffery, Pamela Barnes, Thomas Mrnz, Eleanor Yule, Ben Parry, and Fiona Milne.

As one of a series of interventions during a 3 hour journey around inner London, a division of the IPSS occupied the empty pedestal of the bronze cast of the ‘Burghers of Calais’.

The workers wear one life belt between two – they are obviously in dire straits.  Rodin’s original artwork, placed on a low pedestal to bring art down to the people, is brought further down to earth, as the heroes here are the ordinary precarious workers, rather than the rich men of the town of Calais.


Day 6  (28.04.13)  Ben Parry & Peter McCaughey

Marx at Twilight

Karl Marx Grave, Highgate Cemetery, 24th April….Ongoing

Part 1. with Lauren O’Farrell

A one-metre-cubed balaclava installed as the first of a series of re-appropriations of public statuary.

Senior Citizens, Madelaine Emberton, Libby Lee, Shashi Aul and Alida Guest, occupy the upstairs gallery of the AA, sitting by the fireplace, supplied with comfy armchairs, tea and biscuits, knitting outsized headgear, crowns that are then bestowed on selected statues around the city.

Day 5  (27.04.13)


At 8pm on Thursday 25th May, Paul Harfleet plants pansy at the site of the murder of Fathi Bouchareb, Bedford Square, London.

How to get involved with Pansy Project:

Day 4  (26.04.13)  Tatzu Nishi

Ascending Descending,  Bedford Square


Day 3  (25.04.13)  Tatzu Nishi

Ascending Descending,  Bedford Square

A rota of men took turns to dig dirt from a deep hole, shovelling it on to a series of
conveyor belts that return the material to the same hole.

From early morning to late at night the scene continues.

The work only ceases to allow a Victorian gothic drama to be filmed in the Square.


Day 2  (24.04.13) BGL

Chicha Muffler Black Cab, Various locations, inner city London,25th April…..Ongoing

Quebec Trio BGL converted a traditional Hackney cab into a mobile communal shisha pipe, inviting people to literally smoke the cab through its adapted exhaust. Watch out for the Cab on the streets of London in the week Westminster raid a Shisha factory.


DAY 1   (23.04.13)  Tushar Joag

The UNICELL Department of Transparency and Communication undertook a cleaning operation on 23rd of April 2013, attempting to identify edges, mapped and un-mapped, real or imagined, within London.  

A highly trained and experienced team of window cleaners ‘GAZE-A-GLAZE’ collaborated with UNICELL (Tushar Joag) to go through the city to clean these edges to increase permeability and transmission.